CAHUACHI: Theocratic Center

Cahuachi: Archaeological Complex / Photo: Giuseppe Orefici
Cahuachi: Archaeological Complex / Photo: Giuseppe Orefici


Ages ago, life was represented trough the interaction of our habitants, the wild and dry territory, and the dramatic absence of rainfall.  Mythological and divine characters come from a particular cosmological view, they are present in every interaction and they are immersed in all the daily activities of different civilizations.

All the nature in the communities, mental and symbolic, found  in the giant two-dimensional representations of Nasca, Ocucaje, Palpa and Paracas deserts, a real virtual alternative of making that interaction possible trough performances, seasonal events, dances and festive intangible rituals

The mental space set off in this hectic scenario, which trace lies in geometrical drawings, zoomorphic representations, anthropomorphic indescribable drawings that are 100 meters tall and that have survived thousands of years, made it possible to live in this region. This also lead to the adaption of cultures that evolved for centuries, imposing all desire, anguish and devotion when food and water were scarce, there were few farming areas and people lived in a violent social environment.

CAHUACHI: is the theological center of our region and it is the only original example of what this germinal space came to be. It combined and incorporated architectural processes that create spaces and  particular land technology for building every stage. Cahuachi is far from any formal preconception. By working and studying it, we can came closer to its evasive history. Materialization of this scenario is our own particularview and meaning of life.



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