Nomadic City / Arch. Laurin León 2014


Nomadic City / Arch. Laurin León 2014
Nomadic City / Southern Deserts of Peru


In the arid deserts of South America, populations grow uncontrollably and life multiplies facing the permanent scarcity of resources and adverse conditions of a dystopian environment.

In the past, local communities traveled long distances trough sand dunes drawing giant two-dimensional maps to manage their resources, geographical patterns and identification symbols to locate underground rivers and other water resources. They also celebrated rituals and seasonal representations. The city of now and always is a conglomeration of spaces with multiple purposes, and it is originally nomadic. Traveling, idealizing, drawing, building and erasing, that is how the history of their habitants is described. Residents resist their inevitable extinction and celebrate, alternating this with their everyday activities.  Rolling architecture adaptable in time. Cities from the future redefine their spaces and organization towards ancient ways of spacial appropriation. It is modeled in the absent nature of impermanence.



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