PQ SpaceLab Workshops 2015


Leon Laurin, Nasca Lines. Ancestral Future, photo: David


Leon Laurin, Nasca Lines. Ancestral Future, photo: David
Tuuli Ahonen (Finland) / Leon Laurin PQ2015 Workshop / Photographer: David
Tuuli Ahonen (Finland) / Leon Laurin PQ 2015 Workshop / Photographer: David
Malgorzata Andrys (Poland) / Leon Laurin PQ 2015 Workshop / Photographer: David


Working with the Quadrennial theme SharedSpace: Music Weather Politics, the SpaceLab workshops will provide opportunities to explore theatre as a place where living people meet and create certain social relationships (politics), a living place of accident and ephemeral (weather), and of course the place of aesthetics and composition (music).

SpaceLab Workshops will include opportunities to work with artists like theatre maker Philippe Quesne (FR), theatre designer Dominic Huber (CH), theatre director Kirsten Dehlholm (DK), theatre designer Aedín Cosgrove (IE), installation artist Joanna Rajkowska (PL), designer Doris Dziersk (GE) and artist Kate McIntosh (NZ/BE). There will also be a special critical seminar with American critic Arnold Aronson.

SpaceLab Workshops include making costume for dance, working with voice and text, wig making, etc. As well as workshops in/with other fields, materials, technologies and strategies that are not usually taught at scenography departments and that normally do not qualify as one of the usual theatre design fields – like immersive theatre, wearable technology, architecture of everyday objects, etc. This time SpaceLab Workshops are organized in cooperation with students from YORK University in Toronto (YORKU).

Further workshop leaders:

Ridina Ahmedová /CZ/; Gizem Aksu and Ah! Kosmos /TR/; Erik Alalooga /EE/; Arnold Aronson /US/; Eric F. Avery /US/; diaprojektor /HR/ – Ana Martina Bakić and Ivana Knez; Donatella Barbieri, Mary Kate Connolly and Giulia Pecorari /UK/; Donatella Barbieri and Michael Spencer /UK/; Marek Bečka, Vít Brukner and Zuzana Bruknerová /CZ/; Daniel Belquer /US/; Jessica Bowles /UK/ and Gwenoele Trapman /NL/; Blaise Cagnac /FR/; Helen Casey and Giuseppe Cannas /UK/; CHANCE Magazine /US/ – Fitz Patton, Plamen Petkov and Marta Steketee; Clerke and Joy /UK/ – Rachael Clerke and Josephine Joy; Aedín Cosgrove /IE/; Kirsten Dehlholm /DK/; Bert Van Dijck /BE/; Richard Downing /UK/; Doris Dziersk /DE/; Hantu /FR/ – Pascale Weber and Jean Delsaux; Kurt Hentschläger /AT/; Dominic Huber /CH/; Gareth Fry /UK/; Henk van der Geest /NL/; Guy Gutman /IL/; Kaisa Illukka /FI/; Zaharoula Ioannou /GR/; Marie Jirásková /CZ/; Barbora Kačena /CZ/; Eloise Kazan /MX/; Shane Kelly /US/; Gavin Krastin /ZA/; Ivo Kristián Kubák /CZ/; Cornelia Krafft /LB, DE/; Laurin Leon /PE/; LIKEarchitects /PT/ – Diogo Aguiar & João Jesus; Christina Lindgren, Sidsel Pape and Signe Vasshus /NO/; Trudi Maan, Marcel Dolman and Henny Dörr /NL/; Cristina Maldonado /MX/ and Daniel Pizamiglio /BR/ ; Kirsi Manninen /FI/; Kate McIntosh /NZ/; James McKernan /CA/; Joanna Rajkowska /PL/; Lucia Repašská /SK/; Christopher Roman /US/; Mariaelena Roqué /ES/, Susan Tsu /US/, Rolando de León /PH/ and Lise Klitten /DK/; Seven Sisters Group /UK/ – Sophie Jump and Susanne Thomas; David Shearing /UK/; Robert Smolík and Jakub Hybler /CZ/; SON:DA /SI/; Dragan Stojčevski /RS/; TAAT /NL/ – Gert-Jan Stam and Breg Horemans; Kristýna Täubelová /CZ/ and Yuko Takahashi /JP/; Peter Torpey /US/ and Elena Jessop Nattinger /US/; Anna Tregloan /AU/; Tsang Man-tung /HK/; The Vacuum Cleaner /UK/; Philippe Quesne /FR/; April Viczko /CA/; Jana Zbořilová, Ivana Brádková and Dana Hávová /CZ/



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